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Majalah Ilmiah UNIKOM

Vol.6, No. 2


H a l a m a n



Dadang Munandar

Home care is one of the care alternatives that can be developed in the future

as the effort to give the holistic care on the patient. Home care RSAI intends

to be developed as the superior product. Strategy that can be used to devel-

oped RSAI HC is STP (Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning Strategy).

This research uses demographic, geographic, and psycographyc factor seg-

mentation on the customer and RSAI HC potential market. Those segmen-

tation result is determined as the data target market determination, and

there is market positioning determination.

This research design is qualitative that supported by quantitative. Analytical

descriptive uses primary data on 100 potential market respondent and also

interview with sources of hospital and patient. It also completed by secon-

dary data which came from RSAI, RSAI HC, Dinkes Kota Bandung, BPPS Kota

Bandung, and the other relative institutions.

Segmentation that being delivered majorly by RSAI HC customers who are

more than 60 years old; male; housewife; more than 1-2,5 million rupiahs

revenue; moslem; coming from Kecamatan Margacinta; occupying VIP room;

having good perception on HC services and also on friendly, polite and com-

petent nurses; getting clear information and useful HC services; paying HC

cost by themselves; choosing HC services; time and cost saving; not being

difficult to go to the hospital; want good services and reached cost.

The potential market segmentation are more than 60 years old; female; high

school education level; housewife; more than 1-2,5 million rupiahs revenue;

moslem; coming from Kecamatan Margacinta; occupying second class room;

coming by themselves; paying by themselevs; need for HC; agree with HC

advantages; choosing HC and want good HC services.

Segmenattion produces patients who are more than 60 years old; coming

from middle up level; having degenerative illness; moslem; coming from East

Bandung, and want good care. The market target pattern that determined

through CDMG with the marketing division is Selective Specialization Pat-

tern. The positioning that being produced as the position is “Islamic Home

Care Service”.

Key word: Market Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning Determination




Latar Belakang Penelitian

Survei kesehatan rumah tangga (SKRT)

tahun 2001, menunjukkan bahwa dari

100 kematian, 25 diantaranya disebab-

kan oleh penyakit kardiovaskuler (25,6%)

( dan SKRT tahun

2002 menyebutkan bahwa penyakit

kanker saat ini menjadi penyebab kema-

tian ke-6 di Indonesia (


Menurut pengamatan WHO selama 10

tahun terakhir jumlah penderita hipertensi