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Majalah Ilmiah UNIKOM

Vol.7, No. 2


H a l a m a n

Wanita Subadra Abioso




mental impact of disposal; 10. Make re

–use and recycling easier.


Figure–2 below can give an explanation

about environmental impacts, which will

occur as consequences of building–life–

cycle as follow:

Cradle (i.e. Birth): Raw material accu-

sation will cause energy and cost us-

age besides environmental impact.

Products manufacture transportation:

idem ditto

Construction and fitting out: idem ditto

Operation and maintenance: will cause

operating energy and cost usage be-

sides environmental impact as well.

Grave: Renovation and demolition will

cause energy and cost usage besides

environmental impact.

To estimate the amount of energy that will

be used, there should be analysis on both

energy, which is integrated into building

and consumed along its life or for opera-

tional and maintenance purpose. Opera-

tion will depend on material usage and

fabrication methods, meanwhile mainte-

nance will depend on orientation, zone,

and kind of windows, building surface so-

phistication, and will depend on lighting

and air conditioning system, insulation,

thermal characteristics of wall and roof.