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Majalah Ilmiah UNIKOM

Vol.8, No. 1


H a l a m a n

Muhammad Aria


Genetic Algorithms and Simu-

lated Annealing : A Marriage Proposal

1993, IEEE


Traveling Salesman Problem : A Case

Study in Local Optimization

Karl Kurbel, Bernd Schneider, Kirti Singh,

Parallelization of Hybrid Simulated An-

nealing and Genetic Algorithm for Short-

Term Production Scheduling

Genetic Algorithms and the

Traveling Salesman Problem

L. Nolle, D. A. Armstrong, A.A. Hopgood and

Simulated Annealing and

Genetic Algorithms Applied to Finishing

Mill Optimisation for Hot Rolling of Wide

Steel Strip,

Knowledge-Based Intelligent Engineer-

ing Systems, Vol. 6, No. 2, April 2002


Combination of Genetic Algorithm and

Simulated Annealing For Optimal DG

Allocation In Distribution Networks,

2005, IEEE

Using Genetic

Algorithms to Optimize ACS-TSP


Colonies for The Travelling Salesman


Mantawy, AH; Abdel-Magid, YL; Selim, SZ,

Integrating Genetic Algorithms, Tabu

Search and Simulated Annealing for the

Unit Commitment Problem,

Electrical Electronics Engineers INC,

IEEE Transactions on Power Systems;

pp: 829 – 836; Vol:14

Masaya Yoshikawa, Hironori Yamauch, Hi-

Hybrid Architecture of

Genetic Algorithm and Simulated An-



Mitsunori Miki, Tomoyuki Hiroyasu, Takeshi

Adaptive Simulated Annealing for

Maximum Temperature

A New Evolu-

tionary Algorithm Combining Simulated

Annealing and Genetic Programming for

Relevance Feedback in Fuzzy Informa-

tion Retrieval Systems

Solving Large Travelling Sales-

man Problems with Small Populations


lel Recombinative Simulated Anneal-

ing : A Genetic Algorithm

No. 93006, July 1993

Seiichi Koakutsu, Maggie Kang, Wayne Wei-

Genetic Simulated Annealing

and Application to Non-Slicing Floorplan


A Hybrid

Genetic Algorithm for the Travelling

Salesman Problem