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Majalah Ilmiah UNIKOM

Vol.8, No. 2


H a l a m a n

This paper presents the design and simulation of an intelligent traffic lights con-

troller based on Interval Type 2 Fuzzy System to control a traffic complex inter-

section. To control a set of intersection we distribute controls to the controller at

each intersection. The controller contains fuzzy next phase module and fuzzy

green phase module. The next phase module is working on the phasing, while

the green phase module belongs to the green extension level of this multi-level

control system. A macroscopic simulator has been developed to simulate the

situation of a traffic control intersection. And this simulation software was used

to facilitate the evaluation of the proposed Type 2 Fuzzy System strategy. The

software allows simulation of different traffic conditions at the intersection. The

Type 2 Fuzzy Logic System is compared with Type 1 Fuzzy System and a conven-

tional Fixed-Time Controller. The simulation results show that the Type 2 Fuzzy

Logic Controller has better performance in the case of time-varying traffic pat-

terns and heavy traffic conditions, Interval Tupe-2 Fuzzy algorithm reduced aver-

age vehicle delay 13,2 % better than Fixed Timer and 1,6 % than Type 1 Fuzzy

algorithm. But Interval Type 2 Fuzzy computation time is more complex than

both Fixed Timer and Type 1 Fuzzy algorithm, so Interval Type 2 Fuzzy system

takes 3.6 times slower than Fixed Timer and 1.8 slower than Type 1 Fuzzy algo-

rithm. In application, Interval Type 2 Fuzzy algorithm needs 17888 units of mem-

ory, while Fixed Timer only needs 4840 unit memory and Type 1 Fuzzy algorithm

just needs 13032 units memory.

Index Terms –

Phase Module, Interval Type 2 Fuzzy System, Karnik-Mendel algorithms





Department of Electrical Engineering

Engineering and Computer Science Faculty

Universitas Komputer Indonesia


In the real world, especially in metropoli-

tan areas, there are many intersections

and each intersection is located close to

its neighborhoods. There are many con-

ventional methods for traffic signal control

but sometimes they fail to deal with com-

plex intersections, time-varying traffic

conditions efficiently. Various strategy

based on fuzzy logic system have been

studied to control the intersection group

[1] - [6]. This paper explores the use of

interval type 2 TSK Fuzzy system (T2TSK),

which is well known for its powerful in han-

dling an uncertainties [7].

The system allows communications with

neighboring controllers and manages

phase sequences and phase lengths adap-

tively according to traffic density, waiting