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Majalah Ilmiah UNIKOM

Vol.9, No. 1


H a l a m a n

capability that is very helpful in cases with

two inputs (or more) and one output; the

user can actually grab the axes and reposi-

tion them to get a different three-

dimensional view on the data. If the user

have four-input one output system and

would like to see the output surface, the

Surface Viewer can generate a three-

dimensional output surface where any two

of the inputs vary, but two of the inputs

must be held constant since the computer

monitors cannot display a five dimensional


Fig 6. Surface Viewer of IT2 FLS Toolbox

The Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Toolbox can

apply to for data modeling. The structur

and membership function parameters can

be chosen automatically using Generate

FIS From Data Editor. These editor provide

a method for the fuzzy modeling procedure

to learn information about a data set, in

order to compute the membership func-

tion parameters that best allow the associ-

ated fuzzy inference system to track the

given input/output data. Figure 7 show the

Generate FIS From Data Editor of the Inter-

val Type-2 Fuzzy Inference Systems.

The Print submenu offers documenta-

tion facilities for printing information about

the active project as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 9 show printed pages from the ex-

ample project.

Fig 7. Generate Rule from Data

Fig. 8. Printer Dialog of IT2 FLS Toolbox

Muhammad Aria