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Majalah Ilmiah UNIKOM

Vol.9, No. 2


H a l a m a n

The symbols used in the above model are

described in Table 1.

Table 1. Notation and units used in the

laboratory helicopter model

The model has been implemented in

LabVIEW. Figure 2 shows Front Panel of

LabVIEW program and Figure 3 shows the

Block Diagram. This model simulates

system dynamics and measurement. It

reduces the A and B matrices to a set of

integrators and gains. The elevation

integrator is limited to positive values in

order to simulate the helicopter landing on

the ground. Augmenting the motor

voltages by the constant simulates

gravitational bias. Multiplying by a

calibration constant that converts radians





measurements. Because high-pass filters

function as differentiators at frequencies

below the passband, they are used to

differentiate the three displacement


Muhammad Aria

Figure 3. Block Diagram of 3 DOF

Helicopter Simulation in LabVIEW

Figure 2. Front Panel of 3 DOF Helicopter Simulation in LabVIEW