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Majalah Ilmiah UNIKOM

Vol.10 No. 1


H a l a m a n

Most of the elevator group control

hall call assignment


to a passenger’s call. In this case, the

elevator group control system considers the

current situation of a building to select the

most appropriate elevator.The hall call

hall call

to the elevator having the smallest

evaluation function


which affects the evaluation-function value

of the elevators in the area close to the hall


There have been many researches in this

area utilizing numerous approaches in

designing the most effective elevator

supervisory controller. Various strategy

based on fuzzy logic system have been

studied to control the elevator group. C. B.

Kim [1] proposed a fuzzy model to

determine the area-weight. In another work,

C.B. Kim proposed a control strategy

generation method and fuzzy elevator group

control system (FEGCS) in [2]. The control

strategy of FEGCS is made using the

classification of the passenger traffic and

system manager’s requirements, and the

hall calls are assigned to suitable elevators

by generated control strategy. In [3], R.

Gudwin introduced a fuzzy group supervisory

controller with context adaptation to

accommodate different traffic patterns.

This paper explores the use of Type 2

Fuzzy system, which is well known for its

powerful in handling an uncertainties [4], to

determine the area-weight parameter.

Although there are a lot of work on type 2

Muhammad Aria.


2. Interval type 2 TSK Fuzzy System Structure