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Majalah Ilmiah UNIKOM

Vol. 12 , No1.


H a l a m a n

Sapiie, B., Anshory, R., Susilo, S., dan Putri,

Relationship between Fracture

Distribution and Carbonate Facies in

the Rajamandala Limestone of West

Java Region

Petroleum Association, Bandung.

Scholle, P., dan Ulmer-Scholle, D., 2006,

Colour Guide to Petrography of Carbon-

ate Rocks : AAPG Memoir,

Siahaan, K. R., dan Nurhandoko, B. E. B.,

Water Zone Pattern Recognition

on Cirata’s Satellite Image with Leven-

berg-Marquardt Backpropagation

method as the Artificial Neural Network

Intelligence Systems,

the 3


Asian Physics Symposium (APS

2009), Bandung.

Fisika Komputasi : Solusi

problema Fisika dengan Matlab

Penerbit Andi, Yogyakarta.

Tadayoni, M., Yadegari, H., and Khah, N. K.

a Comparison of Geolog Software

and Neural Network for Predicting Res-

ervoirs Properties in X Oil Field Located

in South-West of Iran



Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Congress.

Tucker, M. E., Wright, V. P., dan Dickson, J.

Carbonate Sedimentology

Cambridge University.

Seismic Properties of Car-

bonate Rocks : Carbonate Seismology,

Ed. : Palaz, I., Marfurt, K. J.,

cal Developments, 6, 29-52.

John Adler