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Majalah Ilmiah UNIKOM

Vol.16 No. 1


H a l a m a n





Program Studi Sastra Inggris, Fakultas Sastra

International Woman University

This research describes the strategy of Obama's campaign to create financial income for the

American society through souvenirs to the media that is Obama represents itself as a change

agent. This research focuses on selling souvenirs either via social media or directly. In the

design owned has its own meaning that includes all the American society. Thus, the Obama

campaign funding income is very fantastic without the help of government funds. There are two

factors, namely culture and economy. Culture to the meaning of the contents of a writing or

image that is in souvenirs while the economy is the existence of a special strategy that is

balanced with the slogan of change because it is happening the largest economic crisis during

the entire American history. Therefore, the researchers takes cultural theory and economics to

examine every phenomenon in the sale of Obama campaign products. While the method is

analysis to see the various acceptance of the amount of funding factors Obama campaign.

KeywordsCampaign strategy, financial income, culture and economy, Obama as an agent of



The United States is a large and powerful country in

the world, from its economic strength to its military

power. in 2008, America has economic depression

that hit America so long throughout American history,

American society became the foundation of other

countries, especially countries that have dependence

on America (Susilo, 2009: 02). Therefore, America

needs a change in all sectors, especially economic

sectors that are destroyed by the mistakes of George

W. Bush's government policy, so America needs brave

and assertive leadership in putting forward the truth

for America to be better.

In capitalist theory, an economy will grow and ulti-

mately lead to the center. This is part of the turmoil of

American society has experienced rebellion because

all policies are centralized by the central government

that regulates everything. One of the false policies

was that during the American economic process

George W Bush used state money more often for the

costs of Middle Eastern warfare (Kuncoro, 2006: 85),

leading to class and exploitation of workers, has

caused capitalism to become vulnerable and there

will be replacement namely socialism.

American views the situation as a lesson in econom-

ics, so that America can understand what steps

should be done not on the enriching person but there

is a system that must be built through people's econ-

omy and growth. One way is to use communication

with the community through social media.

America needs to figure change agents in both the

policy and the leader figure different from before. The

leader emerged named Barack Obama. Obama as

the first leader as black president in America and he

succeeded in the heart of the majority of the white

people. Obama began his career as an Illnois senator

from 1997 to 2004. Uniquely Obama was able to win

votes from his opposite base that is Mc. Cain. Obama

earned popuar vote votes of 69.456, 897 while

Mc.Cain was 59, 934,814 (Leanne, 2009: 12).

This victory is carried out various ways or strategies

as possible, one of them through souvenirs or acces-

sories that nuanced changes both through the media

and directly. Obama's campaign teams are shrinking

from the falling state of the American economy, and