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Majalah Ilmiah UNIKOM

Vol.16 No. 1


H a l a m a n



International Woman University

The research was distributed by the development of community radio that is strategic to share

knowledge and give birth to new knowledge which is then the knowledge disseminated

(dissemination) so that it becomes shared knowledge. This process is expected to give birth to

new innovations in particular affect the creation of individual character, value systems, and

guide the direction of social change towards better.

The design of this research uses qualitative analysis namely research procedures that produce

descriptive data in the form of the written word and verbal or of people and behavior-behavior

that can be observed. In accordance with the problems examined then used descriptive study

methods. Data gathering techniques as well as interviews conducted with the study


To find out the role of community radio FM'S PASS in the dissemination of information for rural

development in Bandung Regency, it is important to review communication channels as an

element of the wrong element sastu staple in diffusion of innovation model of Rogers.

Furthermore this communication channel becomes the bridge connector between innovation,

intervals, and social systems. The other hand, the media became one of the important

dimensions in the utilization of knowledge so that gave birth to the new knowledge-knowledge

and new innovations.

The results of this research show that community radio FM managed to PASS a channel for

delivering messages to a recipient's source of innovation through programs broadcast RT/RW

and Baceprot Kuwu mainly associated with innovation for rural development. Then the PASS

Community radio FM, broadcasting programs via RT/RW and Baceprot Kuwu managed to do the

packing and distribution of knowledge so it becomes new knowledge and new innovations. In

this study also obtained some constraints in the development of community radio is mainly

related to the roles and responsibilities of the State in facilitating the community radio in order

to be able to grow and develop, it is the constraints institutional capacity building, fund rising,

and the use of the channel frequency.

KeywordsDissemination of Information: Rural Development, Community Radio


Perkembangan media komunitas memiliki peran

penting dalam membangun kesadaran publik dan

mendorong terciptanya aliran informasi dua arah.

Pada bulan Februari 2002, beberapa radio

komunitas yang digagas oleh forum warga mulai

terlibat advokasi Rancangan Undang-Undang (RUU)

Penyiaran, revisi UU No. 24 tahun 1997 tentang

Penyiaran. Untuk kepentingan advokasi itulah pada

tanggal 22 sampai dengan tanggal 24 Maret 2002

diadakan workshop pertama radio komunitas yang

dihadiri oleh 18 radio komunitas. Workshop ini

membahas definisi, ciri dan karakteristik radio

komunitas, merumuskan strategi untuk melakukan

advokasi RUU Penyiaran yang mengakomodir

lembaga penyiaran komunitas dan ditutup dengan

acara deklarasi Jaringan Radio Komunitas (JRK) Jawa

Barat. Kemudian pada tanggal 6 Mei 2002 menyusul

deklarasi Jaringan Radio Komunitas Yogyakarta

(JRKY) yang dilanjutkan dengan lokakarya nasional

pada 12-15 Mei 2002 sekaligus deklarasi Jaringan