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Majalah Ilmiah UNIKOM

Vol.16 No. 1


H a l a m a n




Program Studi Kimia, Fakultas Sains dan Teknologi

International Women University

Communal water supply system managed by PDAM Bandung is limited, so the distribution to

customers is divided into four service categories: 24 hour, 12 hour, 8 hour and 4 hour water

service. Lack of water supply from PDAM, the people is looking for other clean water sources by

using ground water by the people of the area, so it is feared to disturb the reserves and sustaini-

bility of ground water. Refer to it, it is necessary to know the pattern of utilization of individual

clean water sources in these four categories. The purpose of this study is to examine the pattern

of utilization of individual clean water sources in residential areas in the PDAM service area of

Bandung city with the objective to study the pattern of water supply, to examine the factors that

influence the pattern of water supply, to examine consumption patterns and to examine the fac-

tors that influence the consumption pattern.

The analytical method used is quantitative description analysis with frequency distribution analy-

sis tool. The sampling technique used is Random Sampling Proposal Method which divides the

population into homogeneous groups based on PDAM water supply category in the settlement

area with the sample number of 100 respondents. Results of data processing is presented in

the form of tables and graphs so it makes easier to know the patterns formed and for further

analysis process.

The results show that the shorter the time of water rotation, the smaller of water quantity of

PDAM received and the bigger of quantity of groundwater used. The majority of the population

has 2 sources of clean water are PDAM and ground water, where PDAM water is prioritized for

cooking and drinking purposes while ground water is generally needed for cleaning houses and


The conclusion of this research is that groundwater utilization is done not only by the people

who are in the service category of PDAM less than 24 hours but also by the population in 24

hour service category, because the ground water quality is good and the quantity and the conti-

nuity is adequate and access to get it is easy. Suggestion of this research, in order to maintain

the ground water reserve and sustainability due to the still much use of groundwater in the set-

tlement area it is necessary improvements to the performance of PDAM service in Bandung

through increased production capacity and the need to issue a policy that regulates the use of

ground water for household purposes in residential areas


KeywordsWater resources, Water supply, Water utilization Pattern


Proses perkembangan wilayah kota yang dinamis

membawa berbagai macam dampak bagi pola ke-

hidupan masyarakat kota itu sendiri. Disisi lain pe-

satnya perkembangan dan pertumbuhan kota selalu

dihadapkan pada banyak permasalahan. Salah satu

permasalahan yang penting adalah penyediaan air

bersih yang dapat memenuhi kebutuhan masyarakat

kota baik secara kualitas, kuantitas maupun kontinui-

tas (Soemarwoto, 2001:34), karena air merupakan

salah satu kebutuhan hidup yang mendasar.

Tanpa air berbagai proses kehidupan tidak akan ber-